new things ahead

Alright, here's my Friday blog.  (Yes, I know...I've become a terrible blogger). Last night I had the privilege of sitting with the Kingsfield staff to talk and dream about what is ahead for our church. 

It was different.

I used to work in full time ministry.  Now I plan events for a corporate, "worldly, if you will" company.  It was different for me to be the "outsider" in this meeting.  But I am learning a lot through this new prospective.  I so appreciate the importance that KFC (yeah... Kingsfield Church...KFC.  I love it) puts on the pastor's wives.  Our voice matters! Heck yeah!

kingsfield_church As we move forward with a really exciting adventure with our church, I am searching for my place to fit in.  I've been taking the sidelines for a while since we have moved, started with a new church, me at a new job, etc etc etc.  But how can I expect our people to step up and do something if I'm not doing my part?

This is where a huge passion of mine comes in: volunteering with your church. 

It aggravates me when people sit their hiney ends in their chair every week at church and do NOTHING.  Usually, they get frustrated with the way some things are done.  GREAT! That's where you should be serving.

Are you giving back to your church? If not, how can you?

Do you get frustrated about the children's ministry? SERVE THERE.

Do you get frustrated with tech stuff? SERVE THERE.

Do you get frustrated that the donuts aren't layed out correctly? SERVE THERE.

Instead of complaining, make a difference.

That's all I got.  I can't wait to partner with our staff and help connect people to life in Christ! I can't wait to help people see their potential in serving their church! What an exciting thing God has given us.