4th of July!

Next to Christmas & my birthday...which is in 2 days... The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love summer, relaxing and watching fireworks!! We had a great time hanging out with the Norman's and their kiddos on Friday.  We cooked them up some James famous burgers! I think they were fans. :) Since we live in downtown Huntington Beach, main street was closed off all morning on Saturday for the parade.  Well...we slept through the parade but got up in time to enjoy a little time at the beach.  About 8:30 we headed down to the beach again (which is only 3 blocks from our house) and it was NUTS! The line for Starbucks was halfway down the street so we decided that wasn't exactly a good plan.  Off to the beach.  We spread out our towels, listened to the waves crash next to us while waiting for the show to start.  WOW some of the best fireworks EVER. 

We ended the weekend with one of the greatest movies ever. 


It was a great weekend with the hubby.  For sure one we will never forget!

How was YOUR 4th of July?