israel: day four

ISRAEL — Day FourSaturday, June 6th

Qumran - The place where the dead sea scrolls were found! In 1947 a young shepherd boy discovered these scrolls hidden deep in the caves.  Very cool.  They ended up finding the scrolls spread throughout 11 different caves.  This area overlooked the Dead Sea as well! Maybe that's why they call them the Dead Sea Scrolls :)!

En Gedi - Now I'm not much of an outdoor hiker person, but this place was pretty cool.  You hike through the hot hot desert, up the mountains and then in the middle of nowhere there is water gushing out of the rocks! It was beautiful! There were lots of pools of water and waterfalls where people were playing.  I thought it was strange to see people hiking out in their bathing suits as we were walking in, but it soon made sense!! In the bible it is referred to as a place of beauty and fruitfulness (Song of Songs 1:14).

Dead Sea - VERY COOL! I wasn't too excited about swimming in a strange body of water, as much as I love water and all.  But I must admit, this was awesome.  After we got the warning of how we would die if we drank the water, we all dove in.  Ok, maybe we didn't dive in...because it's not really possible.  You wade into the water and then just sit.  And float.  It feels like you're floating around in salty cooking oil.  What a great time it was and very refreshing!

Masada - This was one of Brook's favorite places we went.  A huge fortress on the top of a practically flat mountain surrounded by cliffs and the Dead Sea.  Herod the Great built his palace here that hung off the northern cliff.  That was my favorite part, the original paint was still there on the walls and it was beautiful! I would have loved to have seen all these places back then.  I bet they were absolutely stunning! The history behind it isn't half bad either.

We arrive in Jerusalem! We finally made it to Jerusalem.  After spending 4 amazing days in the Northern part of the state we were very excited to arrive in Jerusalem for the next leg of our journey.  Abraham took us to a spot overlooking the city and did a blessing of Jerusalem with us which was very cool.

A new and exciting day begins tomorrow in Jerusalem!!