israel: day three

ISRAEL — Day ThreeFriday, June 5th

Bet She’an -We spent a ton of time here today.  This was a really remarkable city.  We started out in a Gladiator Arena, which was fun to explore through and imagine all that happened there! Then we went down to the city of Bet She'an.  This was probably one of my favorite sites so far.  An earthquake destroyed this city a long time ago, and it's crazy to see the remains from that.  This was the place where Jonathan and Saul's bodies were hung after they were slain (1 Samuel 31:8-13). Highlights: the theatre and the "public restrooms"!

Gideon Springs - This was the place where Gideon took his army and God divided the men into 300 to go fight.  Brook of course loved this and felt like the warrior he is by drinking correctly from the spring (thank goodness he didn't get a disease from drinking from it!!).  Judges 7.

Kibbutz - A kibbutz is a group of people that live together in a community basically like a huge extended family.  They don't marry within their kibbutz because it would be like marrying a brother or sister.  A little strange, but interesting concept to me.  But anyway they invited us in for a tour and lunch.  I really don't think I could live that way, but more power to them! It's defientely cool to see a different way of life.

Jordan River Baptisms - This was a major highlight for us.  Brook bapitized me, and this was an incredible moment we will always remember. Hard to put into words how great this experience was, so here are some pics.




Such a great day! Will be hard to top this one!