israel: day two

ISRAEL -- Day TwoThursday, June 4th

Mount of Beatitudes -- This was a beautiful site.  It was great to see the place where Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount.  This was so neat to see this.  I hadn’t thought about the fact that Jesus didn’t have a microphone or a megaphone.  Thousands of people would gather on the hill to listen to Jesus speak, and seeing how this place is made it actually made sense.  I can see how his voice would carry and people would be able to listen.  So great.

Capharnaum -- This city was amazing! The headquarters of Jesus’ ministry, much of the city still stands.  This is the place where Jesus called Matthew to leave his tax collectors booth and follow him. Peter’s home is the site where Jesus made his home.  A beautiful synagogue stands in the middle of this city that was remarkable.

The Sea of Galilee Boat Ride -- I was a little surprised at how small this body of water was.  I guess by hearing it named a “sea”, I expected it to be really big.  But it’s simply a lake.  There wasn’t a word for lake in the hebrew language so it would be named a Sea. It was overwhelming to be on the water.  The water that Jesus walked on.  The water that Jesus calmed from the storm.  Where Jesus called his disciples. Where Jesus healed the multitudes. Where Jesus appeared after his resurrection. The water.

Kayaking in the Jordan River -- What a blast! I was a little nervous going into this when we were told we were going to “kayak”, kinda freaked me out with my fear of water....but it was awesome.  Somehow Brook brings out the competitive side of me, so it turned into a race.  We won! Hooray! No one cared but we still had a blast.