oh the places you will go...

Just to give you a bit of an idea of how much we saw on our trip, I thought I would first give a quick outline before I went into more detail about all the places we saw.  Brace yourself, you'll get worn out just reading the list. Traveling, Monday June 1st - Tuesday June 2nd

OKC  to Atlanta Atlanta to Tel Aviv Tel Aviv to Tiberias

Day 1, Wednesday June 3rd

Mount Arbel Nazareth Mount of Precipice The Nazareth Village Meggido

Day 2, Thursday June 4th

Mount of Beatitudes Capernaum Touching the Sea of Galilee The 2000 Year Old Boat The Sea of Galilee Boat Ride Kayaking in the Jordan River

Day 3, Friday June 5th

Bet She’an Gideon Springs Kibbutz Jordan River Baptisms

Day 4 Saturday June 6th

Qumran En Gedi Dead Sea Masada Jerusalem Blessing Prima Kings Hotel

Day 5, Sunday June 7th

Temple Mount Western Wall Western Wall Tunnels Hezekiah’s Tunnel Temple Institute South Temple Steps

Day 6, Monday June 8th

Yad Hasmanah Biblical Gardens Israel Museam  (Dead Sea Scrolls) Yah Vashem (Holocoust Museam) Night Jeep Tour Genesis Land

Day 7, Tuesday June 9th

Mount of Olives Garden of Gestemine Caiaphas’ House Pools of Bethesda Church of St. Anne Scourging Floor Garden Tomb

Day 8, Wednesday June 10th

Border Crossing into Jordan Mount Nebo Shobak Castle

Day 9, Thursday June 11th


Day 10, Friday June 12th

Amman Jordan to NYC NYC to Atlanta Overnight in Atlanta

Day 11, Saturday June 13th

Atlanta to OKC!

I told you just this much would exhaust you. I feel like I left a ton of places out too.  Details and pictures to follow!