home sweet home!

We finally arrived in Orange County late last night!! The trip was absolutely amazing, and I will get to that soon enough.  All was going great on our trip back to Oklahoma until we landed in Atlanta on Friday morning at 10am.  Our flight was at 1:45, which got delayed.  Then we changed gates.  Then we changes concourses.  Then we changed gates again.  Then we changed gates.  Yeah you get it.  Basically after 8 hours of waiting and being delayed, the flight was canceled.  Everyone scrambled to try to get flights home, and we ended up getting put on a flight out Saturday evening to get home to OK around 9:00pm.  Which meant missing Brook's 10 Year Reunion, missing seeing our family, babies and everything we had planned for the weekend.  We were exhausted, and not thrilled.  Delta ended up putting us up in a hotel and paying for our food.  This was not an easy task and we had to practically beg for them to do anything for us but my wonderful husband got us taken care of. 

We actually ended up getting a flight out earlier in the day on Saturday, and got to Oklahoma around Noon.  My brother and sis-in-law ended up getting to come visit and bring Taelyn. Goodness that girl is cute.

Taelyn Brooke

We got up to go to the airport bright and early Sunday morning and Taylor (Brook's BFF...yup I said bff) stopped by with their new baby boy to see us for a bit before we left. 

Brook & Shepherd

As we got to our gate they were asking for some people to give up their seats to fly out later that day in exchange for 600 bucks a piece in vouchers.  YES PLEASE! So we gladly accepted (I mean why not at this point!?!)

Went and took a much needed nap and got to see Sarah, Brent and sweet baby Braden! Yeah... 3 babies in 2 days.  That helps with baby fever. 

$1600 in Delta flight credit later, we were VERY happy to get home late last night, get our sweet puppy and sleep in our bed!

Thank you for everyone who prayed for our trip, our flights and everything! We had an amazing time and I will begin blogging about it tonight with pictures and stories! Hooray! Stay tuned...