Day two: the niece

We got up to head to church at my brothers church where they live in Sulphur, OK. Definitely a little different than what we're used to, but always great to see people worship in different ways. I wish I could say I totally paid attention, but I was a bit distracted. Taelyn Brooke

We finally got to meet Taelyn Brooke!! She's absolutely beautiful and has the greatest little personality. Her lips are gorgeous and she puckers them up and makes this 'blue steel' face. Outstanding! I couldn't get enough of her!! We spent the whole day at my brothers just playing with Taelyn and Tallie. It was a great day with family!

Taelyn & Brook

Taelyn Brooke

We met up with Todd, Wendy & Cade for dinner!! It was so great to see them! We miss them so much and hate being so far away. I can't believe how much Cade keeps growing! It was so good to catch up with them and hang out!


We had a blast hanging out with family and friends! Did I mention how cute my niece is???? :)