i'm a sucker.

There are a few things I'm a total sucker for. Chocolate. Sweet Tea. My husband.

Oh...and this face: The one and only...Jack Bauer James

This weekend we were out shopping and I was picking out my next pair of Tomsand my hubby said "you're such a sucker for causes".  Dang skippy! I love my toms.  I love the fact that when I buy a pair of cute overpriced shoes, it means a child will get to wear shoes.  It may be the only pair they will ever wear.

I love World Vision & Compassion.  I love sponsoring a child.  I love that others like me bring hope and life to these children.  We may be the only Jesus they ever know!

african children

So my question for you is, why in the world would you NOT be  a sucker for causes? Why not give $30 bucks a month to help a child in need?

Click here to go sponsor a child now!!

Why not??

What are you a sucker for??