the 'perfect' woman

woman on beachDo you freely love yourself? Are you comfortable in your skin?

Women struggle.  We yearn for something different, because we're told we're supposed to be something different.  Since moving to Southern California, I see more and more of this.  Everywhere I look are women in bikini's, super skinny & "perfect".  It's easy for women to fall into that trap.  We allow ourselves to believe we're supposed to be that Hollywood symbol of perfection.

But if that was what we were supposed to be, wouldn't God have created us to be that? Luckily, God made us in HIS image and absolutely perfect.

I encourage you to get comfortable in your skin.  If you aren't happy in the place you're in, do all you can to get there in a healthy way.  I've lost 12 pounds.  Not to fit in to the OC scene, but to help me feel comfortable with who I am...and fit into my jeans again :) I believe that we should take care of the bodies God gives us, and respect them.

Pamper yourself.  Get away.  Love yourself.  Give yourself another chance.

Husbands, encourage your wives.  Support them and build them up.  Remind them daily that they are perfect, and exactly what you want them to be.  Don't allow Satan to come into your marriage and discourage her in that way.

Ladies... enjoy who you are.  You can be the 'perfect' woman... who God created you to be!!! Live in the freedom and joy only HE can put in you!