i dont read my bible.

Nope, I didn't stutter.  I don't.  I did for years.  Many many years. But as I get older and grow in my relationship with Christ, so changes my daily routine with Him.  I read my bible this way:

youversion Ok Ok...I know, I tricked you.  I DO still read my bible, just not in the conventional way.  I've read my bible A LOT.  I've read many different versions, in many different ways.  I've studied, I've bled (paper cuts), I've highlighted. Been there, done that. 

I think Christians get into the mindset that they have to spend a certain amount of time sitting in the quiet reading Leviticus everyday.  If that's the place you are in, and the relationship you have with Him...more power to you.  It's just not me. 

I'm in a stage of learning to really depend on God.  I'm learning to pray in a whole new way.  I'm walking into a whole new level in my relationship with Him.  It's exciting, it's difficult, but it's the best place I've ever been in. 

Where are you in your relationship with Him? What can you do to freshen it up and make it deeper and more relational?