How teachable are you? I've been thinking about this a lot recently.  I want to be teachable.  I want to be open to new things.  Sometimes as young people in ministry we think we have it all figured out.  But I think that sets us up for failure. 

I am in a growing and learning place in my life and walk with Christ.  I want to know more, I want to learn.  One way I like to do this is by listening to people smarter than me (which is pretty much...everyone).

There are some incredible teachers out there who have some wise things to say.  God uses people to speak through and I must admit He does a great job. 

Here are some awesome people who I enjoyed learning from in ministry and have made a huge impact on me:

Craig Groeschel

Perry Noble

Matt Chandler

Wendy Collinsworth

Chris & Cindy Beall

Marcy McConnell


I think the key to being teachable are three things:

1) Shut your mouth 2) Open your heart 3) LISTEN

What can you do to be more teachable?