i love jesus, but christians annoy me.

I love Jesus.  I love showing Jesus to others.  But sometimes Christians annoy the heck out of me. Yeah yeah yeah.  Go ahead...judge me.  But it's true. 

We live a couple blocks from the beach in the coolest little downtown area.  When we walk to the beach, there are lots of "entertainers" at the pier doing their thing.  There's this group of break dancers, they're actually pretty good.  There are some really good artists, my favorite is a guy that paints a beautiful picture using cans of spray paint.  Very impressive. 

Then there's always that guy.

The guy standing up on his soapbox (literally), telling everyone they're going to hell.  He stands there,  condemns and tells everyone what they're doing is wrong.  Part of it is true, we are all sinners.  We all fall short. 

But is this really the way to let people know it? Are lost people really drawn to this fanatic lifestyle?

jesus van

What always gets me, is that people stop and listen.  The crowds really gather.  As I read the stories of Jesus' ministry, the crowds gathered for Him too.   What hurts my heart, is that typically these soapbox preachers aren't showing the true love of Jesus.

Jesus was real.  He met people where they were, and showed them love no matter what.  He spoke of hope and forgiveness. He didn't rub it in their faces, he was simply there and almighty.

Why can't we be more like Jesus? I know I want to be.

I encourage you to be REAL and reflect Christ for who He is.  Your thoughts?