hope in their eyes

As I crawled in my verrrrry comfortable Tempur-Pedic bed last night  I couldn't help but be saddened.  A bed that cost more than many will see in a year, some in a lifetime.  I had a full stomach, and couldn't even finish all of my chicken at dinner.  It was a little warm, so without a thought, we flipped on the fan. Wow...how blessed am I?

My mind went straight to the hurting children and families all over the world.  As I sat with my Macbook in my lap (so many people will never know more technology than the beat up vehicles driving through their villages), I read through the blogs of the Compassion Bloggers who are in India right now.

Even in the middle of the poverty, the hunger, and the hurting... children still have hope in their eyes.


As you go through your daily life, surrounded by the luxuries you are so blessed with, consider what YOU can do to help someone in need.  These people don't need a new car or a fancy computer to write their blogs on.  Their lives are quite different than ours.  They need food, water, clothing & education.  They need HOPE.  Maybe you can give up going out to dinner once a month to allow them to eat for a whole MONTH.  Writing a $30 check a month may be a sacrifice for you, or it may not be a big deal at all.

Either way, it's worth it. Worth every penny.

Continue to pray with me for the Compassion team as they impact the lives of these children.  I pray these kids know how much they are loved.  I pray that everyone will sacrifice a small amount so someone in greater need can have a chance at a full life.

What can YOU do? How can you put hope in their eyes?

I challenge you to do something today.