i'm not artistic

I'm not.  Can't even draw a stick figure that looks normal.  However, my little brother (in-law) is a stud.  Seriously.  He doesn't read my blog so I can write that about him without worrying he'll ever see it :) (Apparently my blog isn't within his 'niche', however you should see him do an impression of me...it's pretty stinkin' funny. He loves me!) He's very artsy.  I appreciate art.  I love that other people can design and see things in a way I never can.  That's just not within my creative realm.  I always knew he was good, but after I started following his blog and really seeing some of his work, I was very impressed. 

Check out this piece of art he did.  It's like one of those Magic Eye things where you have to stand way back to see what lies beneath.  Isn't it cool??


I'm just proud that I have really cool people that I'm related to.  Makes me feel cooler. 

That's all.