what's your passion?

Do you do what you love? I mean really LOVE? Like you couldn't NOT do it because it's what you were made to do? What are you passionate about? Truly passionate? The thing that keeps you up at night, that you get incredibly frustrated when other people do wrong or don't care enough about? Are you pouring your life into that thing?

I have a heart for Africa.  I know...that's what every Christian is supposed to say.  But it's true.  I remember when I was very young praying for this country and how I could someday make an impact on the people that are hurting and don't know Jesus.  In 2001, I had the opportunity to go there and physically do everything I could.  I had the honor of leading people to Jesus.  I played with children.  I held the hands of hurting women.  It was life changing.  I also got a really bad reaction from the malaria medicine and hallucinated that I saw pink monkeys and stuff.  Good stuff. 

my sweet kiddos in malawi In 2004, I began sponsoring a child through World Vision from that same country I visited.  I always hope she was one of those children who sat in my lap as I read them stories about Jesus, or one of the little girls that braided my hair.  One day I hope to go meet her, hug her and be able to show her how much I love her.

I love great causes.  TOMS is an awesome organization that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy.  I wish I could buy a thousand pair...but my husband is mean and won't let me. Plus they're cute and comfy.  Can't beat that. 

toms i'm wearing now!

I'm passionate about helping people.  I love to help women in difficult relationships and help them see their potential and how Jesus sees them. 

What are you passionate about? What gets you excited? What more can you do? How can you bless someones day without them knowing it was you?

My brain is going crazy with all the things I want to do.