my wound healer

My husband teaches me a LOT.  He likes to act like he's not grown up or mature, but I see through that facade.  I have wounds (other than the mega sunburn I'm suffering from at the moment).  I have deep wounds.  I've been hurt by relationships, friends, the church, and people I really love.  I have a big heart, and it's a sensitive one.  I don't take things lightly, and I hang onto those hurts.  It's difficult for me to let them go, because I think I can heal my own wounds. 

aloe-veraBut I can't heal my own wounds.  Last night as I was laying in bed cringing in pain, my husband went to the store for me at 11:30 to get anything and everything he could find to help the pain.  He sprayed me down with Aloe Vera,  he waiting on me hand and foot and sat with me until I fell asleep. 

All because I finally sucked it up and told him I needed help, and he didn't hesitate to jump to my rescue. 

Sometimes I have to ask for help.  Not only from the people I love and trust, but from the One who can heal all of my wounds.  When I realize I can no longer mend my wounds, all I have to do is ask for help from my Healer.  He jumps to my rescue and does everything to heal my wounds. 

My hubby not only teaches me everyday about how to be more Christlike to others, but how to lean on Christ for my everything as well.  I can't do it on my own,  no matter how hard I try.  He is the healer of all things.

What are you holding onto that you need to let go of and allow the Healer to mend? How can you show Christ to someone today?