lobster & marley

lobster4aYesterday was a great day.  Beach, sand, my hubby, a good book, some good music and.....the sun.  Oh the sun.  I forgot about a tiny important thing.  I'm a white girl.  VERY white.  Ghostly white.  The sun enjoys my skin. And it had a hay day on it yesterday.

I'm burnt to a crisp!!! I look very lobster-ish. I've been lathering on the Aloe and hoping I don't get sick!!

We were supposed to go to Laguna today with some friends from church, but I'm in so much pain and so burned that we had to skip out on that trip.  Besides, it is 94 degrees today so I figured that wouldn't be the best option!!

I went and bought TWO bottles of sunscreen last night.  Bring it on summer.  I'm ready for you (in about a week when my burn goes away of course).

Last night we rented Marley & Me.  WOW...such a great movie.  For all you dog owners out there, go get this movie.  I love my little Jack Bauer more than ever after watching it.  However, saddest movie I've seen in a long time! I bawled like a baby.  Go read the hubby's review of the movie.  Very touching.


Today we're relaxing and bathing in Aloe every 10 minutes.  Maybe next time I'll remember the sunscreen.  Ouch.