charlie & phil in the OC!

Last night we had the pleasure of attending a Charlie Hall & Phil Wickham show right here in the OC! Well...Phil's from here, but the Charlie Hall band are all from the great state of OKLAHOMA! One of my good friends from college, Quint Anderson, plays bass for Charlie.  Brook and Quint go even more "way back" than that and B is friends with most of the band.  So naturally we get the VIP treatment! WOO! We had a great time getting to see those guys and I always feel honored to be led in Worship by Charlie and his band.  Outstanding stuff. He's one of the greats! charlie-hall-band

I just love seeing people worship. Makes me stoked for heaven.  What a party that's gonna be.  And I bet people in heaven won't have BO! Ha...go read the hubby's blog for that piece of too much information :)

Check out this old pic I found of me and Quint! Man I miss that hair!!


Check out the Charlie & Phil tour and go see them if they're near you! And get the new Charlie album The Bright Sadness.  Great stuff.