This year Easter was overwhelming for me.  Not in a stressful, I can't handle it sort of way.  In an overwhelmed with what Christ did for us sort of way. 


This year was just different.  We are in a different place in our lives. I no longer take for granted what I have.  I'm very much in a place of brokenness, of seeking God in the small things AND the big things. In a place of excitement. In a place of yearning for what HE has for me.  All of these things brought to the surface a joy I haven't felt in a while, and a deep sorrow for my sins.  It made me so very thankful for the cross and for the blood he shed for me and those sins. 

Brook sang the words to this song Sunday and they hit hard:

the same power that conquered the grave lives in me

I hope I can pour these meanings of Easter into our children someday and don't get caught up in the easter baskets and egg hunts (even  though I love those things!!!) I hope the true meaning of this special day stays in my heart all year and is always on the forefront of my mind.

How was your Easter?