a worship critic

I'm a worship pastor's wife.  Worship is one of my favorite things.  I remember so clearly the first time I saw my husband lead worship in the tiny little Lifechurch.tv offices in Stillwater where we held youth at the time.  I was blown away.  His passion.  His joy.  WOW.  Why don't all Worship Leaders have THAT? At the time I didn't know this boy, but I was moved by him.  I knew he was something special.  I didn't know he was going to end up being the most special thing in the world to me.

worship leaderBeing a worship pastor's wife, I've become skeptical of other worship leaders.  The worship leader is vital to the vibe of the whole worship experience. 

There are some things that bug me about worship leaders.  There are some things that impress me. 

Here are some major things I see in Worship Leaders:

1.  Worship leaders who look bored, bore me. 

2.  Appearance is important.  My husband usually checks with me before he leaves the house on Sunday mornings.  I know he may not be the most "fashion savvy", but that's not what I mean.  If you look like you haven't combed your hair in months, or your jeans are tighter than the pants Olivia Newton John wore in Grease...that's just bad. 

3.  Worship Leaders who don't know their stuff bug.  How difficult is it to lead others when you're lost yourself?

4. Using "church words" bugs me.  This is a huge deal to my hubs and me...but that's a totally different blog.  Why use words like "sanctification and transgressions" when you have no idea what they mean yourself?

5. I love it when a worship leader is themself on stage.  I love to see passion, heart, and the hard work they put into bringing us to the feet of Jesus. 

What are some things you like or dislike about Worship?

What are some great things you've seen in Worship Leaders?

I'll even go this far...who is the BEST worship leader you've seen?? (Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings if you don't have the same favorite as me!)