life update

Life has been very busy lately, lots going on.  I thought I would give a quick update!

  • We finally got Rosa (my car) back from the car spa (mechanic) on Wednesday.  She is running GREAT now, and I'm so thankful to have her back.  After shipping her back to Vegas, the mechanics there fixed her right up...for the second time.  Brook flew out to Vegas on Wednesday and brought her back to me.  I'm a happy girl. 


  • Oh the diet.  We are really watching the calories and attempting to drop some of this "first year of marriage" weight we've put on.  I still blame the chocolate chip cookies.  Funny thing is, Brook has dropped over 20 pounds and I've barely lost a measly 6.  Gotta love how that works.   He looks great though!!


  • We are in the beginning stages of something new and exciting to us.  We haven't decided yet when we're going to announce what that is, so keep on guessing:)


  • We're coming to Oklahoma next week!!! That's right!!! It's been 6 months, and I'm VERY excited to come visit.  Chris & Randi are getting married, we are spending lots of time with fam, seeing Reg's play, seeing my sister-in-law's cute belly (she pregnant, I'm not just weirdly obsessed with her stomach).  Lots to do in 4 days!! Can't wait!


  • Work is great! I'm staying extremely busy, and it's such a great learning experience and fun time for me! WOO!


  • We are well into year number two of marriage.  We have goals, we have plans, and we are taking it one day at a time.  We love each other, and we love being married!! Nothing beats it.  We are working every single day at making one another happy, and have the best marriage possible!



Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers on this new adventure in our life.  Keep 'em coming!! Have a very Happy Friday!!