what can i do for you today?

A question that gets asked often around our house.  I have tried to make it a habit to consistently ask my husband what I can do for him throughout the week to make his life easier.  I made a promise to him to be there with him through life, and to always support him in everything.  Whatever that may mean!  One way I found to do this was to ask.  I can't always know what he wants me to do for him, or how I can help him.  But I can know if I ask him! Just a simple question of "what can I do for you today?" or "what can I do for you this week to help you out?"  I don't always ask him daily, and frankly I think it would be a little annoying if I did, but I still try to at least some point during my week to ask what I can do for him.  Sometimes it's things like laundry, grocery shopping, or helping him pick songs for Worship on Sundays.  Sometimes he needs prayer.  Sometimes he just needs me to love him.

I love it when he asks me what he can do for me.  Those simple words show me that he truly cares, and really wants to help make my life easier.  I know that cleaning the house, doing laundry and giving Jack a bath are not his favorite things to do.  But he knows when I'm busy with work and want to come home to a clean house and clean dog.  So he does those things for me, and then I get to focus on spending time with him and not worry about the house.  Plus it's a HUGE turn on when he does those things.  Try it out guys...I guarantee she'll appreciate it :)

Sometimes this takes sacrificing what YOU want for what THEY want.  But this has been key to making our marriage THRIVE!!

What can you do for your spouse today? Ask them!