down five!!

5.6 to be exact.  Pounds that is.  Upon my mid 20's rearing it's ugly head, my body decided to freak out and allow things to settle into places I didn't know I had.  Problem is, I'm addicted to all things chocolate.  And I really COULD live on bread alone.  However, my body isn't breaking things down the way it used to and I'm getting my grown up body.  BOO.  I think a lot of factors weighed into this (no pun intended).  scales1. The past year has been a stressful one, and I'm an emotional eater. 

2. I made it my goal to perfect my chocolate chip cookies.  I'm determined to be the mom that makes the best chocolate chip cookies! Goal reached, and pounds added. 

3.  My dad made me a cookbook of all of his "country cooking recipes".   Not exactly low in calories, but definitely YUM!

4. I have attempted to be a decent wife and try to cook for my husband.  This means lots of mac & cheese, pasta and various fattening foods. 

I made it my goal this year to get the weight off, and get in baby making shape (getting my body ready to house a baby, not what you're thinking Brook).  The problem is, I'm terrible at diets.  I'm quite possibly the pickiest eater ever and I eat like a 4 year old.  So I had to find something that worked for me.  That I did. 

Lose It!is a free iPhone app that tracks your daily calories and helps you lose weight by counting calories.  It keeps track of everything, and is very easy to use.  Helpful for me since my phone is always attached to my hand! :) So just by being more conscious of what I'm eating and seeing every thing I put in my body, it has helped me become a healthier eater, and I still get to treat myself sometimes here!

After only 4 weeks I'm down 5 pounds! So hopefully after another 12 weeks I will reach my goal!! Stay tuned...