green eggs and... pancakes?


Happy St. Patty's Day! This day always brings back fun memories for me.  Growing up my dad (yes dad, mom was not the offense mom!) would make green pancakes and green milk for me and my big brother.  I loooved getting my green breakfast.  Apparently it didn't gross me out then and didn't seem as moldy as it does now.  I loved that day.  I loved that my mom would come pinch me first thing in the morning if I didn't have my green on.  I love that my parents made a big deal out of the little things for me.  Probably why I love to as well!  I know this is a tradition I will most likely carry on to my own children.  So thanks mom and dad for making the silly days fun. 

Brook made a comment this morning about how odd it is that we have a holiday where everyone has to wear a certain color.  It is truly odd, but still fun.  This comes from the girl who woke up feeling not well and forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until I was already dressed and off to work.  I do have on green-ish colored earrings though.  Sorry mom, I know you'd be disappointed but you would get to pinch me today!

So happy Green Day to everyone! Cyber pinches to all you scrooges out there!!