Life has been pretty busy lately and I've been neglecting the blog.  Sorry my loyal readers, I know you've been agonizing over it.  Well here is an update for you! Work is great, just been insanely busy.  Trying to work REALLY hard to book a lot of events so House of Blues won't decide that my job is irrelevant :) Saturday evening I was on my way to an event at HOB, and my car started acting up.  For those of you that don't know the story, my transmission went out on our way to Vegas for our anniversary weekend.  So we got a brand new transmission.  Well my "brand new transmission" started going out on me again.  OUCH. 

Turns out the transmission is shot, once again, and now we are having to SHIP our poor little Rosa to Vegas to get fixed AGAIN.  Apparently the shop that 'fixed' her the first time, won't pay to have anyone else re-fix her and our only option is to send her back to them. 

So basically, we're up a creek and most likely out a bit more cash (hopefully not TOO much but I'm not holding my breath).  It's been very frustrating, but I'm just thankful for the rather large tax return the government gave us.  So much for paying stuff off. 

Now I have a bad yucky cold.  What a week it's been.