timeWe attended this on Sunday and it really got me to thinking about some things. Time is something we can never get back.  We can't go back to college and do things over, we can't get back the time we had at home with our parents, we can't get back the time we should have spent doing other things.  So why not make the best of the time we're in NOW? I'm completely guilty of looking so foward to the future that I miss the present.  Not that this comes as a surprise, but I've pretty much had baby fever since I said "I DO".  Shocking.  I like kids.  But the past year has been incredible with my husband.   I absolutely am obsessed with the time we get to spend together and the only thing we have to worry about is our little (very overweight) dog!  Why should I rush into having kiddos when we're going to have them the rest of our lives? Just an example though. 

This awesome chick posted a great blog today that got me to thinking about it even more and how blessed I am with my husband.  That's so going to be us in 50 years and I love that! But I am hanging on dearly to these years we have while we're young and still have the ability to do so much!

Are you living in the NOW or are you looking for something that is to come? How do you spend your time?