Our day of love

Yes, I'm one of "those girls".  I love Valentine's Day.  I think it's great.  However, I'm lucky and have a wonderful husband who constantly shows me how much he loves me, but it's so fun when he goes above and beyond so I get super excited for this holiday. I never know what to expect so I just wait patiently like it's Christmas morning or something and see what the day will bring.  Lucky for us V-Day fell on a Saturday so we had the whole day together!! My day begins by me being woken by a really annoying alarm.  I don't recognize it, so my first thought is that Brook has changed his ringtone on his phone or something.  It doesn't stop though, so I gently nudge him (or stick my elbow in him really hard, whichever) to turn it off.  He claims it's not his and I grab my blackberry off my nightstand and it's not mine.  I'm totally blind for those of you that don't know me, 2265483895_7ef53441f1so without my contacts in, I can't see past my nose.  So I can't see what it actually is that's making that noise.  Finally, since it won't stop ringing I decide to put my glasses on so I can see.  There is an iPhone laying on my nightstand ringing!!!! WHAT?!? I don't have an iPhone! My first thought was that it's Brook's iPod Touch, but nope.  It was my very own iPhone!! The alarm is going off to suprise me with my wonderful gift!!! There were flowers waiting for me on the kitchen table, along with quite possibly the best card ever.

All that to say, he did good!! Since we got to spend the entire day together, we decided to break up the day into 2 hour increments and each choose what to do for 2 hours at a time.  Which actually turned out to be pretty fun, because he didn't have to worry about planning out the whole day, and we both got to do things we really enjoy that we might not typically do together.  We did breakfast, shopping, starbucks, more shopping, steaks, movies, etc.  It was a wonderful Valentine's Day.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be loved so much by the greatest man in the world!!

Thank you baby for loving me as much as you do and for showing me that EVERYDAY! Of course, a new iPhone does help prove your love more :)

I hope you all had a wonderful day of love!!