the pastors wife plague

tatSometimes it's difficult to find good girlfriends as a pastors wife.  I mean real, down-to-earth girls who get you, and understand you.  Sometimes you wonder if people just want to be your friend to get in the "know" of what's going on at the church, or they don't want to be your friend because you're so "holy".  Oh goodness, I'm far from holy! I think the closest I get are the holes in my jeans.  It's like we have a plague or something sometimes! I'm so thankful for my friend Wendy.  She has been one of the greatest mentors and friends to me.  I'm thankful for her experience in the ministry as a Pastor's Wife and how I know I can always be transparent with her and she completely gets me and understands.  I'm still learning this Pastor's Wife role.  Not always the easiest, especially in our first church change and starting all over.

If you're a pastor's wife or work in the ministry, do you ever struggle with this?

If you aren't, is it difficult for you to be friends with Pastors Wives? Come on, be honest!!