Is it worth it?

I begin with a story.  Since Brook has started his new job at the church, we are about 18 miles down the 5 freeway from each other.  So I have this brilliant idea that if we both drive 9 miles we can meet up for lunch!! Not a bad idea!! So I text him the coordinates of where our meet will take place, and then I'm off.  He calls to let me know he is there, but that there is nothing to eat around there and to take the 55 South.  So I hop on the 55 as he's naming off streets to take.  Only I'm not seeing any of these streets.  Now I realize my sweet husband has taken the 405 instead of the 5!! Completely different freeways that run parallel, several miles apart! Simple mistake, but kinda ruins our lunch plans because by now I've been driving 20 minutes and have to be back at the office in soon.  Meaning I need to turn around and start heading back in order for me to even get any food! All that to say, it was a little miscommunication.  I was frustrated for a minute.  But then I ask myself "IS IT WORTH IT?".  No, actually it's not.  It's not worth getting into a silly fight with the person I love more than anything in this world, because he hopped on the wrong freeway.  I was upset more that I wasn't getting to see him!!

pd_arguing_080129_ms Sometimes in marriage we just have to pick our battles.  And to be completely honest with you, there is yet to be battle worth it.  Spending so much time with one person (and believe me, we've spent a LOT of time together over the last several months) can sometimes make you want to punch the other person in the face.  But I'm lucky.  No punching!! And actually I haven't even wanted to punch.

Now you're thinking..."You've only been married a year though!".  That's the point.  Most couples have the hardest time of their marriage in the first year, when in all actuality, that should be the best!!! It's all about how you approach situations and learn and grow together.  Is it worth a fight because he doesn't know how to clean a bathroom? No, probably not! Is it worth a fight because you're a crazy girl who cleans the bathroom too much? No, probably not.  Hopefully not.

As we approach year number two in this wonderful journey, I feel so blessed to have a person that "completes me".  It's easy to live life with my best friend, and easy to pick my battles!

Think about that in your marriage. How do you pick your battles? Is it really worth it?