Time to get political...

american_flagWell I guess I'll blog today about what everyone else in the world is blogging about.  We have a new president.  The first woman president! Oh wait...that's 24.  I listened to the new boys being sworn in on spanish radio in the kitchen at HOB this morning.  I'm shadowing in every department as part of my "manager in training" program and today was in the kitchen.  It was defintetely a new experience hearing it in spanish! Good times. Anyway, we have a new leader and I'm a big believer of supporting our leaders.  Sometimes it's not always easy, and sometimes we might not agree with the things they do, but they are still our leaders.  God has put them in a position of authority over us to make decisions and we are called to follow.  I get so tired of people complaining about the decisions our presidents make and how much they make fun of them all the time.  Ok I enjoy a little of the SNL bashing, but that's all in good fun.  Mostly.  But when it really comes down to it, they are our leaders and that's that. We are to pray for them and respect their authority over us.

Ok, off my soapbox.  Hooray new president! Go America!