24 returns!

jbJack Bauer is back. Which is pretty exciting to us crazed 24 fans.  Some people don't get it, well I don't get you.  My darling husband got me hooked on the show a few years back, and I was hooked fast.  We have seen every single episode.  We don't watch previews because it gives stuff away.  We schedule our lives around it.  I mean come on, we named our dog Jack Bauer James.  It's that bad.

If you're addicted and haven't watched it yet, please stop reading now.

So at the beginning of every season, or maybe every episode since Tony Almeida & David Palmer have died I get excited and tell Brook that I hope they're coming back.  Well my wish came true!!! TONY IS BACK! However, he's a bad guy! I'm so torn! I love Tony!!!

Bad news: Chloe isn't on the show yet.  Just not cool.

Ok I'm done obsessing over a tv show.