What I've Learned...

I've talked a lot lately about starting over, hard times, and all the difficult struggles we face in life.  We have seen a lot of these over the past year.  Everyday I pray for God to bring my husband and I closer together, and closer to Him.  It's one of those "careful what you pray for" sort of things.  You ask him to stretch you and He'll put people and situations in your life to stretch you.  He has done exactly that for me. Right when He probably knew I couldn't handle anymore, He shows up and blesses me so much! We have been given an awesome new home in a really cool city and I'm about to start a great new job.  I am so grateful for all we've gone through to get to this point where my faith is bigger than ever.  And the hubby and I are closer than ever.

Can't beat that.

What have I learned? To not doubt.  And to know that He will never leave me.

What else do we need?? That's pretty much it.