Year in review

2008 was definitely one of the best years of my life.  But also one of the hardest. A few highlights from 2008: *Had my gallbladder removed.  Good times. *Said goodbye to Brook's grandpa.  I was so thankful to have the pleasure of knowing him for a short time.  What a wonderful man! *Married the man of my dreams.  Without a doubt the best thing of the year. *Went on an AWESOME honeymoon!!! Can't beat that! *Joined a wonderful new family! I love the James gang! Got two wonderful sisters and a brother! Terrific in-laws too.  Couldn't ask for better in laws! *Started a frustrating job that I ended up leaving in August. *Said goodbye to one of my favorite uncles.  I really miss him! *Got yet another sister when my brother got married! Finally...wasn't sure anyone would put up with him! :) *Learned how to wakeboard and overcame my fear of lakes.  Huge for me! *Brook resigned from LifeChurch, definitely a very hard thing to do. *Felt called to Orange County, CA. *Sold our house (in three weeks!!!) *Packed up everything and moved to Cali completely on faith! *Moved into an awesome condo in Huntington Beach. *Found out I'm going to be an aunt to a beautiful baby girl in May!! Hooray!

Some favorite pics from 2008:


Honeymooning in the Dominican Republic!


Brother and new sister!

Learning to wakeboard!

New Sisters!!!! LOVE THEM!

We live at the beach!!!

What a great year it was.  Lots of hard times, but I'm so thankful for Brook.  Marrying him was the greatest thing, and this first year has been incredible.  Having my best friend to lean on during the hard times makes everything so much better.  I can't imagine doing it without him!

A few things I'm looking forward to for this year: *Run a half marathon (quite a big thing for me if you know me!) *Get in good shape and start eating better.  Prepare my body for babies!!! *Go to Israel! *Hold my precious niece and spoil her like crazy! *Get a great tan! *Learn how to snowboard *Find a job I really enjoy *Go to the beach as much as possible!!

I'm looking forward to what 2009 holds for us as we move forward with our new journey here in Cali.  It will be a fun and interesting ride!!