A fresh start

freshstart_100_clrHave you ever started over? Like put behind everything you know behind you and start ALL over? That's what we're doing.  We've given up everything comfortable.  Our families are 1400 miles away.  Our friends are 1400 miles away.  Oklahoma is 1400 miles away.  But that's the easy life.  We're not always called to the easy life.

When we felt called to California, for some reason I thought the second we got here everything would turn around for us.  Then I remember it's God's time and not mine.  I haven't found the "perfect" job, but I am starting a job this week.  I'm thankful to at least have something in this market and I'll have time to find that "oh so perfect job".  We're ready to get into a church that we can call home and accepts us for who we are.  Sometimes that doesn't happen right away, but there is HOPE on the horizon.

So now I am trying to be patient and figure out what it is that God is teaching me through this new start.