Perfect Marriage?

marriage-thoughtsI don't fool myself into thinking that me and the hubby have the perfect marriage, or even that we have it all figured out.  However, I do like to think we are in a special category.  And I think we're on the right track.  It's interesting because in a lot of ways, we're complete opposites.  I'm a hopeless romantic and he's well...a guy. I like to shop and love pretty things, and he'd just as well live in a shack on the beach with nothing special except maybe a nice surf board.  But when it comes to the important things we're on the same page. (Yes baby, I know surf boards are important things...) Tonight we went on a date.  I love dating my husband.  I think a lot of couples miss that and don't see how important it is to take some time out to focus on each other.  We're still working on this area and I think there's a lot we can do to make it better, and that's my goal.  I enjoy going to dinner and just talking, walking through the mall holding hands, eating ice cream.  Makes my heart flutter.  Yes I said flutter.

Back in college when Brook and I dated, I was at work and he went to the barn (a drive through drink place I frequented) and pre-ordered me a diet coke.  Not an easy feat from what I'm told.  Put a sweet note on my car and a flower he had plucked from the side of the road on my windshield.  I'll never forget that day and how special this new boy in my life had made me feel.  Now here we are 3 and a half years later and he makes me feel like that still.  It's the little things that mean so much and I'll always remember!

What can you do today for your spouse? Something little, or something big to make their day?  I think I'll wash his clothes so he doesn't have to keep wearing the same dirty ones.  Now that's love.

Oh....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TODD & WENDY! Your marriage is such a blessing to us and we're so very thankful for your wisdom, friendship and all the "advice"!! Love you guys!