santaHere we are about 25 days from Christmas.  Black Friday has come and gone.  Somebody actually died at a Wal-Mart here because they got trampled.  Are you kidding me? It breaks my heart to see that is what Christmas is to some people! I guess we'll see if my thoughts on Black Friday change once I have kids, but hopefully not.  I've always been a huge fan of Christmas, slightly obsessed.  But I can't seem to bring myself to go crazy over it for all those wrong reasons. Not worth it to me.

Christmas seems different this year.  Maybe because it's all warm and sunny here, maybe because we're far from family, maybe because we're living out of a storage unit. I can't complain about getting to go to the beach on Christmas, and Santa wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, but still.  Could be a multitude of things.  But I don't think it should matter where we are to understand the REAL meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Still breaks my heart that so many of us, me included, forget the REAL reason and worry so much about the unimportant stuff.  All I want for Christmas are things that you can't buy on Black Friday.  I want a home for my husband and I, and a church home.  I want jobs for us where we feel appreciated.  I want my family to know how much I love them although we are 1400 miles away.

That's all.  For REAL.