la-palm-treesWe made it to California.  We are officially "Californians" or something like that.  We're going to call ourselves Oklafornians.  I like that better. I haven't been feeling well since we got here so I haven't really sat down to blog. We pulled into town late Tuesday night and grabed some dinner with John and Mariah.  We are so grateful to have these wonderful people taking us in for a few weeks while we get settled and find a place of our own.  Thanks guys!!

Wednesday we unloaded the truck into our tiny storage unit.  I can't believe everything fit!! Brook did great! We finally got everything done and made it to the beach to watch the sunset.  WOW.  I can't believe we live here and get to see that all the time now! It's amazing how beautiful it is here, God sure did good in these parts :)

Today we got up and I did some online job hunting and called some places to follow up on some job stuff.  No luck so far.  It's frustrating because I'm not patient and want something immediately, but I guess I can't always have it my way.  We did some exploring and drove up PCH to look around a bit.  This evening we had dinner with the lead pastor and his wife from Kingsfield Church.  They sure were a blessing, what great people.  Going to church there on Sunday, we're looking forward to seeing what God is doing there.  Cool stuff happening it sure seems like!!

It's been a crazy busy week, but I'm thankful to be here and so looking forward to what is ahead for us! And I'm obsessed with getting to see palm trees all the time!! I loooove it!