Our 'Road to Damascus'

So we leave for California in 6 days! WOW! We have been packing up the house and fulfilling the demands of our buyer.  Lots to do but it's going quickly so that's a relief! We are so excited to have our families come visit us this weekend and celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  It's still a little crazy thinking how a week from today we'll be in California! We have a complete peace about this move, and although I know it is what God has for us, its still hard to walk into something with blind faith.  I was reading in Acts 22, the story of where God blinded Saul.  Saul asked what he was to do, and God told him to "Go and once he was there He would tell him what He had for him." It was not the path that Saul had planned for himself, but what God had for him was better.

mattole-road1I feel like God is telling us to go, and will reveal it to us when we are there.  Whether that is a great job, or just a fresh start.  Maybe it will be a great experience for us, and a great time for our marriage.  It might be more hard times, and only another step in the road that we are supposed to take.  Whatever it may be though, I'm excited and grateful for the blessings He's given us to allow us this opportunity.

Please keep praying for us that all goes smoothly in the next few days as we continue to pack and prepare to leave!!