Dating my husband

This is my husband.

I like him a lot.  Wednesday we will celebrate 8 months of marriage.  The best part is that it gets more fun every single day.  Since we are in a "transition" time in our lives, we are getting to spend a lot of time together.  A WHOLE LOT.  I went to pick up a friend from the airport today, and I think that was the first time we'd been apart in over a week.  Literally.

It's pretty fun. REAL fun.

But also since we are in this "transition" time, we are pinching pennies and can't go do a lot of the things we'd like to be able to do.  So we're trying to find free/practically free things to do with our time.

Here's where you come in.  What are some things you and your spouse have found to do that's cheap and a fun bonding experience? (That wont end up costing us a lot of money in oh say...9 months?!) Sometimes it gets kinda old sitting around the house watching tv and playing candyland (yeah we did that today).

I love him and can't imagine doing life with anyone else.  I'm a lucky girl!