The Nothing Room

I envy my husband. The other night he compared his brain to a hotel:

...and mine to a large dome:

He has many different rooms...well 6 to be exact:

1) Poker Room 2) Watersports Room 3) Love & Wife Room 4) God Room 5) Football Room 6) Nothing Room.

I'm so jealous he can go from room to room without thinking about anything in the other rooms.  My brain has no rooms.  It all runs together and is a never ending vast of stuff.

I'm mostly jealous of the nothing room.

He can turn it all off and just think about nothing.  I can't imagine what that would be like.  I attempt to slip into another "brain room" only to find myself still entangled in everything else around me.  Not fun.

So today, and this doesn't happen often, I'm actually jealous of men.