I Will Go...

This morning Brook and I will spend our last morning at Lifechurch.tv.

We know that God is leading us to something big and we are excited about what that may be.  Sometimes things happen that we don't really understand, but yet we are called to something new and to give something up for the better of God's ministry.

LifeChurch has been a huge part of our lives for many years.  We met at LifeChurch, we poured our hearts and souls in to LifeChurch.  But when it comes down to it, LifeChurch is just a building with people.  Our ministry doesn't end here, it was only the very beginning of God's work through us.  And what a great start we had!

Brook is leading a new song this morning that has really been speaking to me.  Here are the words:

To the desperate eyes and reaching hands To the suffering and the lean To the ones the world has cast aside Where you want me I will be

I will go I will go I will go Lord send me To the world To the lost To the poor and hungry Take everything I am Clay within your hands I will go I will go Send me

Let me not be blind with privilege Give me eyes to seek the pain Let the blessing You've poured out on me Not be spent on me in vain Let this life be used for change

I wanna live for you Go where you lead me I wanna follow you