Submission: Part 1

I love marriage.  I sure do.  It could be that I married the greatest man alive, or the fact that the whole thing intrigues me. I like to study what smarter people than me have to say about it too.  Umm especially since we are just in month 6 of marriage I figure I'm no expert.   I was reading tonight on "submission".  That scary word that freaks most women out.  Well...I love it.  I think it's great, and I'm so thankful that God created me to be a woman who has the ability to submit to my husband.  It was put in a very interesting way that I hadn't really thought too much about before.  Husbands are called to be the "head of the house", the leaders.  And wives are called to follow their leadership. Someday my husband will stand before God and will be accountable for the leadership of our family.  And I will also stand before God and be accountable for how I followed his leadership.  OUCH! I think it's much more difficult to follow than to lead (not that men have it off easy at all).  We all want things done our own way, but I don't think submission is something expected in just the large things.  

When we are able to constantly submit and follow in the small things,  the larger things will become easier. For example, I may not like the bank my husband chooses to keep our money at.  But because he's my leader, I will submit to his decision and follow it.  And I trust that God will honor that and put money in our bank account for it.  Ok bad example but you get the point.  God will honor us for doing our roles and following HIM which is the main purpose of it all.  

Good stuff... I have more to come later.