Random Acts of Kindness

So in our Lifegroup this week we got on the subject of "random acts of kindness".  Actually at our last meeting together, they discussed it and everyone was supposed to seek out a random act of kindness and then share it with the group this week.  We missed last time because we were at the doctor for Brook's ear infection, so we got in on the tail end of the discussion basically.  It is interesting to me to think about seeking out a random act of kindness.  Why isn't our every action out of kindness to others? Why don't we always let the person in front of us on the highway (I know...i live in Texas and people don't do that)? Why don't we always mow our neighbors yard just for the fun of it? As Christians we are supposed to love one another and show love the way Christ did.  I believe if we were going to truly live out the way we TALK about it, we would do things quite a bit differently.  Am I wrong?  This has really been on my mind a lot this week.  I want to strive to constantly do things without being asked, help people out when they least expect it, and basically do a little extra and hope that the love of Christ shows through that.  I have a dear sweet friend who has 4 kids.  Oh, did I mention she's like 8 months pregnant with #5? My hero! I hang out with her kids sometimes while she goes to doctors appointments and stuff.  Yesterday, I cleaned her kitchen for her.  If you know me, you know I'm a freak and enjoy cleaning, especially kitchens.  But seeing her face when she saw her clean kitchen, was enough to brighten my day and know that I made her day a little easier so she could relax and enjoy her beautiful children instead of worrying about cleaning.  Doesn't get much better than that.  

What can you do to help out someone you love? Better yet, someone you've never even met? It's amazing how the simplest things can impact people.