No Warning

Brook and I have been married six months.  It feels like six years!! In such a good way though.  I absolutely love being married.  There is nothing better in the entire world.  I love having a person I'm completely comfortable being myself with, no matter how weird I may be.  He loves me unconditionally and would do anything to make me happy.  You can't beat that.   However, I had no warning about the hard stuff.  When I said "i do", I not only became his wife but I became a pastor's wife.  AH! Why was there no warning about how difficult that would be at times? I've worked in ministry myself for years, but this side is quite different.  It's a joy and an honor to be his partner in ministry.  I love that he values my opinion so highly and always wants my help.  But ministry is not as easy as it looks.  You are held to such a higher standard and much more is expected of you.  How do you deal with the people that aren't always "nice" to the person that you love more than anything in the world? It's difficult to draw the line between a Godly woman and a crazy woman.  Sometimes I just need to be crazy and tell people how I feel about them!! :) 

I'm learning.  Every single day I'm learning how to deal with different situations and how to support my husband.  I'm thankful for the amazing women God has placed in my life who have already done this for many years.  I would be lost without that guidance and knowledge. (Thanks Wendy!)

Marriage is the most amazing thing! I can't wait for the next 6 months and the MANY more after that.  How blessed I am!!