Birthday Boy!

Today is my husband's 28th birthday!! Wow we're getting old.  I guess we better start having kids soon, huh babe?? :)  In honor of his birthday I'd like to share 28 of my favorite things about him: 

1.  His heart 

2. His sense of humor

3. His lips (sorry...had to throw that in there!)

4. His love for water (i'm starting to understand...)

5. He's a really sexy cowboy

6. He's a really hard worker

7.  How he never gives up

8.  He loves our dog

9. He shoots rubber bands really well

10. He married ME!

11. He sacrifices to make me happy

12. He's really bad at scrabble! ha!

13. That hat he always wears.  Oh wait...

14. He taught me how to wakeboard & play poker

15. He's super cute when he sleeps

16. He'll never give up on me

17. He's pretty funny

18.  He claims he doesn't like my movies, but will watch them with me if I ask

19.  He wont let me give up on my dreams because he knows its what I love 

20. Umm...we're going to have the cutest kids ever.  Are you kidding me? How cute is that!?!

21. He never lets it be about him, but I always want it to be!

22. He takes out the trash...I don't even ask!

23. He actually wins money playing poker

24. He loves 24. 

25. Don't even get me started on that voice...

26. He drives a hot jeep 

27. Umm...he's pretty much the cutest thing ever

28.  He's OLD :)  I love my husband! WAY more than these 28 reasons.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!