Jack's Big Day

It all started out with sleeping until about 5pm like he loves.  Then we went to Petco.  He actually likes Petco.  Petsmart, not so much.  At Petsmart is where his doctor is and Petco is where he gets toys and treats.  Amazing how he knows the difference.  

So we got him a new pig (his favorite toy in the world), a very cool preppy boy polo shirt, and some bacon treats.  Then off to the dog park.  Where he refused to play with other dogs and begged us to take him home so he could play with his new pig.  

He had a great day and thanks everyone who told him Happy Birthday! 

 And contrary to popular belief, or pastors who think other wise (uhhh Craig...), Jack will be in Heaven.  He believes in Jesus and even prays with us.  Better believe it :)