Role Reversal

So as I've mentioned before, I'm a huge wuss. Ok maybe I haven't mentioned that, but I am.  I have had a lot of illnesses in the past year, so therefore I feel like a huge wuss.  Started out with me getting bad stomach aches which turned into me getting my gallbladder removed in January.  Then I had a lot of issues with a certain medication that is supposed to prolong child bearing (hmm wonder what that could be).  Enter the insane migraines and various other issues.  So basically I feel like there is always something wrong with me.  Let me just say, Brook has waited on me hand and foot and is so paitent with all of my "issues".  He's unbelievable.   

Finally, I'm getting my chance.  

Brook has a really bad ear infection.  He's shared more about it here.  He's determined that I punched him in the ear in the middle of the night, but it's most likely caused by the week we spent on the lake and him slamming his head against the water constantly.  All that to say, I know how he feels.  I finally talked him into letting me take him to a doctor yesterday. I hate seeing him hurt and want nothing more than to make the pain go away! I'm so thankful now for all the times he's taken care of me.  I have a pretty great man! He may not be able to hear me when I sit on his right side, but he's still great.