I'm learning to be a housewife.  While I'm in between jobs at the moment and trying to figure out exactly how to move forward with my career, I'm at home.  Learning to cook, clean and take care of my husband and our home.  I don't know how women do it.  I get SOOO bored!!! I can only clean for so long!! But luckily Brook has a flexible schedule and can come work from home and entertain me for a while.   Also, you'll never catch me in a dress and high heels while cleaning my kitchen.  Call me crazy.

Things I've done as a housewife:  1) Cooked my first brisket 2) Organized my kitchen  3) Sold a whole lot of our stuff on craigslist 4) Finished the guest room and office (finally!) 5) Gained a whole new respect for women who do this full time! 

It'll be a totally different story when we have kids and I stay home with them, but right now I feel completely worthless! Brook keeps telling me that's silly and I'm not worthless, but give me a break.  Today I cleaned the kitchen and looked at wedding magazines all afternoon.  Tough life.  And I just thought I wanted to be a trophy wife. Hmmm... I guess I'll get on that career thing tomorrow.