Facing my fears

We are back from vacation!! We had a wonderful week with Brook's family and even got to spend a couple of days with my family on our way back home.   In case you don't read my husband's blog, let me catch you up to speed.  I am TERRIFIED of water.  Like freak out when my head even gets wet because I think I'm going to drown.  (Don't make fun...you know you have some crazy stupid fear.  I found out someone I know is scared of Dinosaurs so I think my fear is no longer the worst fear!!) Well, I happened to have married a fish.  Brook LOVES the water and would rather be at the lake than anywhere.  So where did we go on vacation? THE LAKE! Now dont get me wrong, I enjoy being in the boat so I can have fun too :)

I got to thinking how I don't want our kids to have the same crazy fear as me, so I wanted to attempt facing my biggest fear: lake water.  Lake water is different than regular water because there are living things and it's dirty so you can't see the living things.  Talk about scary!!

Brook is an incredible wakeboarder, so I wanted to attempt to learn one of his favorite things.  The first time in the water was very scary for me but Brook was so patient and stayed in the water with me and taught me everything while holding on to me while I was "drowning" (apparently it's hard to drown with a life jacket and a wakeboard on you). 

Well, to surprise us both....I HAD A BLAST! After I got comfortable in the water, I was actually decent and could get up on the wakeboard.  I was shocked! I had a few really awesome falls, and got me used to being immersed in the water.  I couldn't believe I lived to tell about it, but I did and my biggest fear now is escalators (that will be for another day :)) 

So wakeboarding was the huge highlight of the week, but we had a blast getting to hang out with the family.  We are so incredibly blessed with an amazing family.  I am so excited to know how loved and cared for our children will be.  Brook and I will have an easy time raising our kiddos!! 

I'll leave you with a few of my professional wakeboarding pics. 

You know you're jealous of that fall.  Good times...I still hurt from that :)